Not sure you get it?
Here’s how it works.

I don’t understand. Escape a room… online?

That’s right. You’re playing an escape room from the comfort of your home, office, classroom, with peers.

All participants join a virtual meeting (video conference) with their gamemaster who will walk you through the game and support your team(s).

Your group works in teams, conquering challenges, to be the first team to escape their room.

Who can play?

You don’t have to be a technology guru to play. You also don’t need to do anything to set the game up, except launch a virtual meeting. We’ll join your preferred platform.

The difficulty will be catered to the group—kids, teens, college students, corporate professionals. This game is custom made to you.

What do people need to participate?

Everyone participating will need:
— webcam & microphone
— desktop or laptop (mobile devices not recommended)
— pen & paper

To summarize…

Fully customizable

The escape room can fit a theme, match your organization’s branding, and be customized in more ways.

Safe & secure

No one can access your game except your team and your gamemaster (a staff member from our team).

On your timeline

We will make it work on your timeline—need a game tomorrow? We’ll be there.